Kootenay Labs Distillate Syringe 1 Gram

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Kootenay Labs, producer of the THC gummies that we have all come to know and love is back at it again with a line of hearty THC Distillates.

Each distillate comes jam-packed with 1000mg of pure THC.  You won’t be running out any time soon!  Each individual syringe retains all it’s natural terpene flavours from their extracted strains.  As an added bonus, the guys over at Kootenay Labs had the foresight to produce a terpene-less “flavour” to cater to those who do not prefer the natural cannabis flavor profile.  If you are thinking of adding these THC Distillates into your edibles, this would be the ideal flavour to choose!

Kootenay Labs’ THC Distillates are tasty, fun, discreet, and most important of all, effective.  The properties of pure THC have been known to successfully treat a myriad of physical and psychological conditions in patients for many years now.  We encourage those seeking an alternative form of treatment without the risk of pharmaceutical side effects to give distillates a try.  These puppies are also great for recreational usage as well!


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