I’ve just placed an order, now what?

You will receive an email confirming your order. The confirmation e-mail will list the items you’ve ordered, the total price, and your billing/shipping information.

If any of this information is incorrect, please give us a call at 1-888-271-2830 or your favorite Green Room location and our staff can adjust your order, change shipping information and provide any other information you need.

After you place your order, please send an Interac e-transfer for the amount of your order to greenroomyeg@hotmail.com.

It does NOT matter what the security question is, as long as the PASSWORD is “green123”.


What form of payment do you accept?

At this time we only accept E-mail Money Transfers (Interac E-Transfer). They are safe, secure and reliable.


How do I send an Interac e-transfer?

If you use online banking with a Canadian bank/credit union, then sending an Interac E-transfer takes just a couple of minutes. For information on sending an E-transfer, please contact your bank or visit. http://www.interac.ca/en/interac-e-transfer-consumer.html


The fast, secure way to send and receive money.

Interac e-Transfer is a convenient way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another. All you need is access to online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution, and you can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a bank account in Canada, without sharing any personal financial information.

I’ve sent my Interac e-transfer what’s next?

Once you’ve sent your E-transfer, it can take up to 40 minutes for us to receive an email notifying us of your payment. 

Your E-transfer will be pending until we collect the E-transfer (when we process your order). 

Once we have collected payment your order will be packaged and sent on next available mail out time. You will receive another email confirming that your package has shipped and this email will include a Canada Post tracking number.


When will my order ship?

If we receive your order and Interac E-transfer by our 1pm PST cut-off time, your order will ship that business day. If we receive your order and payment after 1pm PST, your order will ship the next business day.
* Please note that it can take up to 40 minutes for us to receive your E-transfer.

We do our best to process as many orders as we can before Canada Posts closes for the day, but if we receive your order and/or e-transfer AFTER 1pm PST, we cannot guarantee your order will ship on that same business day.


How will my order be packaged?

Your order will be discretely packaged and vacuum-sealed to maintain and protect your privacy. We ship using Canada Post Xpresspost mailers and nondescript boxes with no indication of what is inside.


I placed an order but forgot to send the money, now what?

Please be advised that if we do not receive your Interact e-transfer within 48 Hours of your order being placed, your order may be deleted. This means you will simply have to log back in and re-order your items.

We do this because if you wait too long to send the Interac e-transfer, the items you ordered may be out-of-stock by the time we receive it and we want to ensure you get the items you want. If you have any issues with orders or e-transfers please call our staff and they will be happy to assist you.


How do I view my orders?

Aside from your confirmation email, you can view your order history by selecting “Orders” from the “My Account” drop-down menu found top right in the menu bar. 


How do I change my personal information and password?

Once logged in you can change your info/password by selecting “Account details” from the “My Account” drop-down menu found top right in the menu bar. 


How do I change my shipping/billing information?

Once logged in you can change your Shipping/Billing information by selecting “Addresses” from the “My Account” drop-down menu found top right in the menu bar. 



Shatter should be kept in the fridge or freezer. Product may become “cloudy” or “gummy” if left out or left in a warm place for too long. This does not mean the product is no longer good or safe for consumption, it is still smokeable but has now simply crystallized. 


Distilled THC

Do NOT twist the top or bottom of the cartridge itself when attaching to the battery. Always twist with your fingers on the battery to avoid breaking the cartridge. 

If you use your own battery or vape battery with these cartridges, DO NOT use a high temperature or wattage higher than 4.5W as this may burn out the coil on the cartridge. If you use your own battery and burn out the coil we will NOT replace it.

DO NOT keep Distilled THC cartridges in your pocket where they can easily be broken. Cartridges damaged in this manner will NOT be replaced.

DO NOT store cartridges upside down as this may cause them to leak out over time.


Dried cannabis flowers of the same strain can vary in appearance and potency from crop to crop. Alternately flowers of the same strain from different suppliers can also vary. We identify new crops with a square identifier on the product.

Be advised that products labeled “NEW CROP” may vary in appearance and potency from previous crops of the same strain.

Flowers should be stored at room temperature in an airtight bag or container, out of direct sunlight. They can also be frozen for prolonged freshness.

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